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Buy & Sell Bitcoin

At The ATM

Whether you are buying or selling Bitcoin at the ATM, there are a few things you will need to know before you can use the Machine.

You will need your Bitcoin wallet, USD CASH ONLY if you want to purchase Bitcoin your US phone number for verification purposes and U.S Drivers License or U.S Passport depending on the amount you wish to buy/sell.

Wallets we reccomend on Android and IOS: Exodus, Trust, Electrum.

Regulations & Limits of Use

In accordance with FINCEN and Tennessee State, we require KYC (Know Your Client) information in regards to using our Machine. See Below:

*Phone Number Verification

* 24 Hour window

*Phone Number Verification

*US Drivers License/ US Passport Verification

*Limit $30,000 for 30 Days window